Taking the Next Step, Part 2 (5/28)

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Matthew 19:16-22

Review: The Great Commission is done out of love/obedience.  They took the next step. Bartimaeus, took the steps necessary… There is only one way to walk with Jesus: You have to take the Next Step!


Amos 3:3 – Two cannot not walk together unless they have agreed to do so.  You cannot walk with God until you have first submitted to God, until you have agreed that you are in need of a savior and turned your life over to Him and decided in your heart to go His way and follow Him.

The Word of God in Jude 1:20-21 tells us to build ourselves up in faith, to pray in the Spirit, and to keep ourselves in the Love of God…

 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another – John 13:34.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments – John 14:15.

And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God – Ephesians 5:2.

Matt 19:16-22 Taking the next step involves change. Some are willing to change and some are not… This was a self-made man… In order to take the next step this man had to be willing to sell all he possessed and give to the poor and then come follow Jesus. He had to be willing to change his core values, he had to be willing to change.  We often are like this man we have things we won’t let go of…

Jesus challenged him to change his core values from the self-righteousness that came from obeying the Law to righteousness that would come from believing in Him as Lord and Savior. And from trusting in what he had, what he knew, in the assurance that his riches and possessions provided to trusting that Jesus would provide all his needs.

There is always a next step: if we are walking with Jesus, there is unless…

Unless you have decided that you have arrived… that you are perfect where you are and are no longer in need of being perfected or sanctified. Or you believe that you have done all that you can without having to sacrifice who you are now.  Because if you are believing Jesus is leading you Home and you have stopped….

Believing is more than thinking it is taking the next step of faith, believing is faith in action! It is movement, growth, activity, involvement in the mission that God has given His Church! I don’t know what your next step is, but I do know this: You have one. God will never be finished taking you deeper in faith. There is always a next step.

Jesus saidWhoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters –  Matthew 12:30.

When we speak of change it is always in regard to us as a group or to myself. I cannot change anyone else so I have to personally change in order to grow. I cannot look at what you are doing or not doing. Your next step is different than mine and will produce different changes. I am to grow through what is going on by taking my next step, not yours! By letting go of what I am hanging on to…

Change can bring emotional pain that comes from swallowing your pride and allowing your relationship with Jesus to be the thing that makes you perfect, when you have to rely on Jesus and not you own ability to know and obey the Law.

We will need to look at our core values and decide if they line up with what we believe and then we need to decide if believing is going to be a part of our lives or if believing is going to be our lives. If believing is going to be our lives it will take change.

We need and must build core values as a congregation of God’s Church…if we seek to turn the world upside down. That is our Next step…

Acts 17:6, Ephesians 5:2, Acts, Ephesians, Upside Down, Next Step, Obedience, Vision

When an entire congregation is engaged/Believing/taking their next step… Classes are packed, people are growing, God’s Church moves…

 In most people’s lives priorities are skewed; God and His church take a back seat to_______   James 4:17

Congregations are shrinking in size and many of these are doing so because the members expect the Pastor to live for God but not themselves or the people around them.

What change needs to take place in your life, what Next Step do you need to take, in order to make God the focus and priority of your life, and not just “part” of it?

 We need to Aim for Excellence: Doing the very best with what we have been given – material, talent, and time.  (Colossians 3:23) Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

Excellence, Colossians 3:23, Value, Core Value, Best, Material, Time, Talent, Aim, Vision, Culture, Healthy, Church, Christian

Honor: We don’t talk about people, we talk with them.  (Titus 3:1-2) Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people. Matthew 7:12do unto others

Honor, Value, Core Value, Titus 3:1, Titus 3:2, Titus, Gossip, Conflict, Culture, Healthy Culture, Church, Christian

Engage: We are actively participating with the church in the mission of Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Value, Core Value, Matthew 28:19, Great Commission, Mission, Active Participation, Engage, Healthy Church, Healthy Culture

Change: without change there is no growth, we are constantly under construction, turning to His Word, individually and corporately for direction. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. Born again… we are to be transformed by the renewal of our minds – Romans 12:2.

Change, Growth, Construction, Church, Core Value, Culture, Health, Healthy, Next Step, Corinthians, Sermon

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