He Sees You: When Jesus Enters In (5-13)

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Please remember that sermon notes are meant to act as a guide and may not be exactly what was preached.

  • Illustration – Tornado – Beautiful day – but that isn’t the truth. When the truth shows up – everything changes, quiet, calm, color, atmosphere, POWER!
  • Luke 7:11-17 (Passion)

Shortly afterward, Jesus left on a journey for the village of Nain, with a massive crowd of people following him, along with his disciples. As he approached the village, he met a multitude of people in a funeral procession, who were mourning as they carried the body of a young man to the cemetery. The boy was his mother’s only son and she was a widow. When the Lord saw the grieving mother, his heart broke for her. With great tenderness he said to her, “Please don’t cry.” Then he stepped up to the coffin and touched it. When the pallbearers came to a halt, Jesus said to the corpse, “Young man, I say to you, arise and live!”

Immediately, the young man moved, sat up, and spoke to those nearby. Jesus presented the son to his mother, alive! A tremendous sense of holy mystery swept over the crowd as they witnessed this miracle of resurrection. They shouted praises to God, saying, “God himself has visited us to bless his people! A great prophet has appeared among us!”

The news of Jesus and this miracle raced throughout Judea and the entire surrounding region.

  • When Jesus Enters In – He sees you!! He knows
    • Knowing vs. knowingAs a fan, I know Gareth and Ali from Rend Collective. Because of social media and concerts, I know that they have irish accents, 3 kids, and they often run late.  Because I know someone who spends time with them, I know that Ali didn’t know how to play a single instrument when she went on tour with the band and now plays multiple…  But I don’t know them.  I don’t know their favorite foods or how they act when they’re hangry.  I don’t know their morning routine or how they spend their free time….  I don’t actually know them, not really.  There is a difference!
    • Justin knows me pretty well. But even he has his limits.  He can’t always figure out why I’m in a certain mood.  And he has a hard time knowing exactly how to fix my problems.  Can’t read my mind!
      • But Jesus…
    • He sees who you are, He knows you!
      • “I don’t see crowds, I see individuals.” – Mother Theresa
      • Jesus set that example. He constantly would be among crowds and zero in on individuals
        • Zaccheus, woman with bleeding…….
      • Two different crowds (great multitude) – a lot of people!
      • “His eyes moved through the denseness of the mourners to settle upon the broken and weeping mother”
      • Never determine the TRUTH of a situation by looking at the circumstances. Don’t evaluate your situation until you have heard from Jesus.  He is the truth of every circumstance. – Experiencing God
      • He sees you and He knows the truth of the situation.
    • He sees you…
      • He sees the mother who barely sleeps, who feels like all she does is meet the needs of others – from changing diapers, to preparing meals, to running errands. He knows how empty you feel some days..
      • He see the mother who works so hard throughout the day and comes home with a smile for her family. He knows how torn you feel between two worlds.
      • He sees the grandmother who has set aside the life she was living to watch her grandchildren. He knows the sacrifice that was.
      • He sees the woman who has struggled for years to have children…
      • He sees the parent who lost a child too soon…
      • He sees the father who works 50+ hours a week to provide wondering if someday you will be able to live beyond paycheck to paycheck as you empty the savings account for a car repair. He knows it keeps you awake some nights.
      • He sees the man who retired last year and wishes that he hadn’t. He knows you struggle with finding purpose.
      • He sees the widow who still misses her husband, so much that it has crushed her spirit…
      • He sees the man who is struggling with same-sex attraction, the young woman who lives day to day trying to find the next high, the teenager who isn’t sure that God even exists, the person who longs to be loved, the one who can’t seem to catch a break – He sees you and He knows your struggle.
      • To all of you – He sees you and He loves you….you see,
    • When Jesus enters in, His compassion is overwhelming
      • Trip to Mexico
      • Definition of compassion – sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
      • Compassion can simply be concern, but the compassion of Christ caused Him to act, to DO something!
      • What He saw with His eyes, affected His heart, His soul. He couldn’t not do something….
      • His heart was drawn toward suffering and pain by a divine power.
      • He came up and touched the coffin – Used of touching by the hand as a means of knowledge, handling for a purpose – the idea of intimacy is very strong here.
      • This act of compassion stirred the people. The Amplified version states their praise this way, “God has visited his people to help and care for and provide for them…”
    • His compassion for us
      • When Jesus sees you, when He enters into your life – He can’t not do something! He wants to change your circumstance.  He wants to help you.  But you have to let Him, have to give Him control.  Watch for Him to move, join Him, and allow Him to speak into your life!  Allow Him to reach out and touch you…
    • When Jesus enters in – He sees you and can use His power to change your story.
      • A young boy traveling by plane to visit his grandparents sat beside a man who happened to be a seminary professor. Reading a Sunday school paper, and the professor thought he would have some fun, “Young man,” said the professor, “if you can tell me something God can do, I will give you a shiny apple.” The boy thought for a moment and then replied, “Mister, if you can tell me something God can’t do, I’ll give you a whole barrel of apples!”  – God’s power is limitless!!
    • With His power, everything changes
      • One touch, one word – everything changed. Bringing her son back to life was the ultimate show of power.  There is no power of nature or any other means…
    • What can His power do in your life? Or as the boy on the plane stated – What can’t He do in your life??  There is nothing too big that God cannot handle it.  As Jesus said to this young man, “Arise and live!”  It’s time…
    • Once Christ enters into our lives, once He sees us, has compassion, and uses His power to change things – what should our response be??
      • Quietly worshipful and then noisily grateful – news of who He was, His compassion and power, spread!!
        • Worship Him and then tell others what He has done in your life. We all have a story.  And in that story there are many chapters.  If you let Him, God will write a story that is better than you can even imagine.  Our responsibility is to tell people what He has written!  Tell people about your first chapter, tell them about the chapter you are in now – tell them how He has entered your life and changed it for the better.
          • His glory!!
        • Today I challenge you….

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