Sharing the Gospel (Building Faith with Purpose)

2 Corinthians 10:7-18

We are going to finish chap. 10. Historical back ground … people are boasting/bragging of their knowledge… “Super-Apostles”I want to tell you a little about Paul so you can try to understand what is going on here; I got this information from Encyclopedia Britannica… “Paul was one of the leaders of the first generation of Christians, often considered to be the most important person after Jesus in the history of Christianity. He had many enemies and critics who sought to put Paul down.” Which we are seeing here in this letter to the Corinthian Church.“

Of the 27 books in the NT, 13 are attributed to Paul, and approximately half of Acts deals with Paul’s life and works. Thus, about half of the New Testament stems from Paul and the people whom he influenced.” But as is alluded to here, his physical appearance, must have been less than intimidating: I did find a description in the Harvard Theological Review by Onesiphorus, a Greek writer, who describes Paul as “a man small of stature, with a bald head and crooked legs, in a good state of body, with eyebrows meeting and nose somewhat hooked, full of friendliness; for now he appeared like a man, and now he had the face of an angel.” But what does all of what he was going thru, have to do with us? What can we glean from this? Don’t build yourself up to make others look less than you. That is the sin of pride and selfishness. Go to others with the gospel of Christ when you do our area of ministry will be greatly enlarged. You as an individual member of a congregation, can reach people that other members cannot. Your circle of influence… We gather to Worship God, to learn and grow, so that as our faith increases. We can reach out into our communities and increase our area of ministry as we share the Gospel. Not commending ourselves but being approved a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 2 Tim 2:15Growth Groups: I am a firm believer in growth Groups.

They offer a setting that is more welcoming for those outside the church while maintaining accountability with the local congregation. And if done right can be a huge benefit for the Kingdom of God as they help to grow the Church in our communities. It is in these growth groups that our relationships grow with one another. Growth groups often consist of different ages, genders, spiritual maturity, and people from different traditions and fellowships that come together to learn and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. And inviting people outside the Church to come to a bible study with a small gathering of people will build relationships within that group while being discipled to the Lord.

There the opportunity is given to build a relationship with one another and Jesus is available other than Sunday mornings. You cannot keep measuring yourself by yourself, or comparing yourselves to yourselves if you do that you will lack understanding you need to stay connected as a part of God’s Church. Paul was having trouble with the different teachings of others who felt they were above Paul and His knowledge of the Gospel. His goal was the expansion of the Kingdom, the building of the Church, the increase of the faith of those he taught so that they along with Him could have a bigger impact for Christ and His Church. they were out to build something for themselves. There are no lone rangers in God’s Church we are all called to be a member of the Body of Christ to be a part of something greater and to fulfill the purpose for which we were created and born into this world. Vs. 18 For it is not the one commending himself who is approved, but the one the Lord commends. On that last day I want you all to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant” of Matt 25, not the “away from Me I never knew you” of Matthew 7

Questions: Are you building your faith? If so, how? Is your goal, as a part of His Church, to Reach Out further into our communities?

Further Reading: Matthew 7:13-27 (23), 25:14-30 (21, 23) 2 Timothy 2:15


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