Sharing the Gospel (His Return)

2 Cor 12:11 – 13:14
Vs.11-13 Paul’s boasting of his worldly achievements and His experiences to the Corinthians is foolishness in his eyes… But, for their sake, he will boast all the more in what God has done with and thru him…
Vs. 14-18 He, like the other true Apostles, would gladly spend and be spent for the salvation of those he loved and was to shepherd. He never took advantage of them and he did not send any who would.
Vs. 19-21 Paul is not defending himself. It is in the sight of God and in the power of Christ that He has been speaking to them. He did not want any to be found practicing sin…
Keep in mind that some of those in the Corinthian congregations had not repented, not turned from their sin… Sin separates from God. they were still sinners, unsaved, unrepentant and thought they were saved and forgiven. This goes back to what Jesus preached in Matt 7.
13:1-4 But Paul was coming back to deal with those that were practicing sin. He was coming in Christ, with His authority, in the weakness of the flesh, but with the power of God; to deal justly with their sin… Two or three witnesses.
Like then, sin is to be confronted in love, and out of love for the sinner. Not just because they are wrong but because they are loved and a part of the family.
Vs. 5-14 Jesus Christ is in every believer (those putting into action the Knowledge they have of God) unless they don’t meet the test… the way to show they were in the faith is to repent of their sinful behavior
He hopes to find that we have not failed the test. That they have not done wrong, that they would repent of the sins the “Super Apostles” condoned, allowed, or even encouraged.
Paul is calling them to do what is right according to the Truth of God’s Word. And He prays for their restoration with God and with one another. Which is why he has written them. He does not want to use His God given authority to tear them down but to build them up.
And then he closes the letter…
The parallel between Paul coming again to the Corinthian Church and the Return of our Lord cannot be ignored.
Jesus is returning to deal justly with the sin of the World. That Day, Judgment Day, The Last Day is coming!
We, You and I, must take the time to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith, going our own way, or in outright rebellion to the Word and the Spirit
If you do nothing else this week examine yourself in light of Ro 12 and Col 3. Asking yourself if you are in the faith, a part of His body (the local Church) and are walking with our Lord and savior. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else…

Questions: Are you living out what you say you believe? Are you in the faith? What difference does the presence of Christ make in your life.

Further Reading: 1st John 3:4-11, 2nd Peter 3:9, John 12;48, 15:1-11, 17:17, 20:21, Romans 12:1-21, Colossians 3:1-17, Matthew 25:14-30, 7:19-24, James 1:22-25.


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