The Helper: Faith and The World (7/30)

We as Believers, followers of Christ, are empowered/helped by the Spirit to overcome the world and, as His, the world has no claim on us until we forsake the way the truth and the life given us in Jesus.

The world tells us ‘You are it,’ you are all on your own, it is all about you. and the moment we believe all of that we start to charge through life independent of others, 10 ft tall and bullet proof, we have all the answers and we think we have no need of help!

At one time we all were of the world, dead in our sin; we lived it, walked it, and were involved in spreading it’s message. Live and let live, it’s all about me, if it feels good do it.

The Helper (7/24)

The Holy Spirit doesn’t need to help you in what you’re not going to do, so if you’re in rebellion against Jesus and refusing His right to be Lord, not walking in obedience; unwilling to take the Next Step, He doesn’t need to send the Holy Spirit to equip you for service. And, in your rebellion, you miss out on the joy that He brings, on the blessings that He desires for you. 

The Holy Spirit not only teaches be but also empowers me to live the life of Christ now, enabling me to take the Next Step of obedience! 

Loving Jesus (7/16)

The Lord does not give me rules, but He makes His standard very clear. If my relationship to Him is that of love, I will do what He says . . . If I hesitate, it is because I love someone or something more than Him; I have placed something or someone in competition with Him,  and sadly it is usually myself.

When we are obedient, we show God that we love Him and have more faith in Him than we do in ourselves.

Our Helper in Prayer (7/9)

Helps us: The Spirit’s intercession is not carried on apart from us. In other words we have to take the Step of obedience to pray before he Helps us. This is Divine assistance, this is the grace of God manifested in us. He Helps us, BUT He does not do it for us! The Holy Spirit comes alongside of us in our weakness. He helps us to bear our burden to the Lord.

He will only help us to bear that load if it is something that the Lord Jesus would carry… (According to the Will of God)

Dependence or Independence? (7/2)

People filled with the Spirit were different! They were empowered and led by something/someone beyond themselves who enabled them to go further than what was humanly possible. The Spirit provided strength, wisdom, patience, and revelation and enabled them to do what they were called to do!

Only our obedience to God’s Word allows engagement with the Spirit. It is only when we are obedient to the commands of Jesus that our lives will change; that we become more Christ like.

In Jesus Name (6-25)

Our authority only exists as His representatives, when we speak His Words. When He is our all in all, we will have the faith to step out and be His people, we will see those dead in sin raised to life in Christ, the kingdom grow, and our buildings filled with those seeking the Lord! But not until we start believing and acting on that belief, stepping out into our Jordan, and walking by faith! Because it won’t be our will that we pray for, but His.

Reasoning with Jesus (6-18)

Jesus chose 12, they ate, traveled with, and learned from Him for 3 years.

If we walk with someone we get to know them by what they say and do; we get to know who they really are.

Who is Jesus to you? If He is saying the very Words of God and you are not walking in them what does that mean, not living them out…

3 years = 1095 days.  1095 Sundays will take 21 + years…  How well do you know Jesus?