This Day (10-15)

Perseverance in the face of trials and tribulations of life, death, sickness, and hurts is difficult.  Our first instinct is fight or flee rather than persevere. We can either flee, get angry, fight, and never grow up or become Christ like OR we can embrace the trail, the tribulation, the hurt, and turn to God in love. Then, by His grace through our obedience, our perseverance becomes what God intends us to be. No sane person enjoys the pain and anguish that comes in this life. But God uses all things for the good of those that love Him…

Responding to God’s Call (10-8)

We must endure – like Abraham, we cannot stop until we have reached the land he has promised.  For us, that is eternity.  Until we reach eternity, one way or another, He will never stop calling us deeper. Not when we’re 40, not even when we’re 75 or older!  On this side of eternity, we have never arrived.  When it comes to building the Kingdom, there is no such thing as a legal working age or retirement.  We are all called to something!

The Spirit of Truth (9/27)

Cliff Sanders in his book on Spirituality says that “Sin is a failure to love.” (Pg. 79) That we fail to Love God and one-another, that our love is directed elsewhere. He sums it all up with; “Sin is a broken relationship between us. (Man and God) That broken relationship is caused by our desire for self-rule- versus- participating in God’s Kingdom. And can be understood as misdirected love—loving some other thing in place of God or more intensely than we love God.” (Pg. 81)

You and the World – Part 2 (9/17)

God calls us to obedience to take the Next Step of faith so that we learn to trust in Him, so that our faith  will grow, so that when life hits us hard (and it will) we will naturally have that faith and trust; and with confidence can say My God Saves!!!

We are told in Chapter 15 to abide in Christ to make our home in Him. The Church is the body of Christ, His church is not brick and mortar or wood and stone but is made up of flesh and blood, believing, Christ followers. These believers are engaged in the activity of His Church, what we are called to do and that is to love God, love one another, and make disciples. The church does this by abiding in Him.

You and the World (9/10)

Is there enough evidence in the life you are living to prove that you are of God, in the Kingdom, to prove that you are an ambassador of reconciliation, that you are His friend, that you abide in His love, that you abide in The Vine? IF you think so where is the fruit?

There is no such thing as a nominal Christian, let alone a carnal one!

Either you are serving as a friend of Christ in the Kingdom as a part of His Church or you are in rebellion!

Chosen (9/3)

We have been given response-ability through what was accomplished on the cross…

“Without God’s grace, we cannot be saved; while without our (grace empowered, but unforced) participation, God’s grace will not save.

We are response – able, or we have the response-ability because of Grace! To answer the Call, to abide in the vine and we have been given the Helper who empowers/enables us to live the life of Christ here and now!

If We Abide, Part 2 (8/27)

We cannot love with the Love of God if we are not attached to that Love; we cannot produce fruit that lasts in and of ourselves, we cannot love like Jesus did apart from Him…

To love placing no conditions on the other person, to accept them as they are, where they are, and not leave them… Jesus never left anyone, he gave them the choice… If you abide…

Abode in Christ (8-21)

A-self-centered life is its own punishment. When we expect and demand things of others, that they do what we want, there is stress, anguish and disappointment. Which usually comes from hurt because of our expectations. Yet they may not have known our expectations or been able to live up to them if they had…

But when we abide in His love, when we are expressing that love in all that we say and do, we discover the deep and abiding joy that friendship with our Savior brings.

What is Love? (8-13)

The truth is that if we are not walking in obedience out of love we are outside of God’s will!

True Church Growth was, is, and will be, a byproduct of obedience! Acts 2:42 – And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

The most convincing evidence that the Helper is alive and active in the church is when the love of God is seen and practiced in the lives of its people! By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” – John 14:35.

The Helper: Faith and The World (7/30)

We as Believers, followers of Christ, are empowered/helped by the Spirit to overcome the world and, as His, the world has no claim on us until we forsake the way the truth and the life given us in Jesus.

The world tells us ‘You are it,’ you are all on your own, it is all about you. and the moment we believe all of that we start to charge through life independent of others, 10 ft tall and bullet proof, we have all the answers and we think we have no need of help!

At one time we all were of the world, dead in our sin; we lived it, walked it, and were involved in spreading it’s message. Live and let live, it’s all about me, if it feels good do it.