Concerning Sacrifice 10-4

Denying yourself is essential if you are a Christian. Jesus called upon those who wish to be His followers to reject the natural inclination toward selfishness. This is what Paul is telling us and the Corinthians: we are called to do this so that others won’t stumble, so that we do not hinder the gospel! In order to do that we must crucify the flesh. In Galatians 5:24 we are told, “Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.”

Concerning: Distractions 9-6

Our time here is limited. We must not let our worldly possessions distract us from serving God and fulfilling our God given purpose! The more possessions you have, the more you are possessed by them. Possessions become distractions that eat up our time, that distract us from serving God, that take our focus away from THE primary purpose! Two houses, two or three cars, a boat, a camper…Add to that family with, sports, lessons, recitals, and school activities… Where in the midst of all that is God and His church?

Concerning Marriage & Divorce (Part 2) 8-9

The most common reasons given for divorce today, outside the church, are lack of compatibility, money issues, lack of intimacy, adultery, physical appearance, addictions, getting married at an early age, or married for the wrong reasons… Always in the top five for reasons for divorce, both inside and outside the Church, is the lack of intimacy and, yes, that is part of the “Do Not Deprive” in verse 5 that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. But there is more to intimacy than that, though that is a good part of it.

Concerning Marriage & Divorce 8-2

However, in our culture today many see divorce as a positive solution to a troubled marriage. Harvard sociologist Armand Nicholi III concluded, “Divorce is not a solution, but an exchange of problems.” It is the exchange of one set of problems for another.