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The Word of the Kingdom – Part 2 (9-30)

But each person is tempted when he is lured (carried/drawn) away and enticed by his own desire. – James 1:14

Are the “good” things you are doing keeping you from the “best” things in life?

Other things come before God and His Church, before the lost, hell-bound soul of their neighbor…

Prayer: GI or GQ (9-23)

We often go to prayer with these attitudes: that it has to be perfect, that the prayer must sound good.
When we go to prayer with this attitude we go, metaphorically, like I’m dressed.
We go pretending like we are ready for war yet a part of us finds it necessary to think of what others think of our prayer or it not sounding pretty enough

The Word of the Kingdom

The World has them and the enemy snatches away the Word of the Kingdom so that it cannot grow in their hearts. There are many sitting in churches all over the U. S. that have no intention of seeking to grow, that will not attend a class or be a disciple in any way, out of fear of having to change/grow. They do not hear…

Heart Hearing 9-2

In the end, Pilate turned his ear to the crowd and away from the Christ, ignoring the message of the One who could save him. Faith comes from hearing (Romans 10:17). He never heard Christ, he didn’t have a hearing heart, and he never found faith. More concerned over keeping the peace…

Love 8-19

It is the same with God. You worship your version, your image of God, but not God Himself. It is only in a love relationship with God and others that we truly get to know them. If you love someone, you accept them as they are while encouraging them to grow and be more Christ like.

God’s Love (Part 3) 8-12

These are two siblings who are both loved by the Father. Both valued, both wanted as part of the household, but each lost in their own way.  Did you notice, however, that the Father went to each of them, that He reached out in love? Again, was it in His plan that the older would reject the younger brother?

Through this all we see the love of the Father, not only for the lost and the prodigals, but also for the ones who are doing the right things for the wrong reasons, for those who have drifted away, for those out in the fields but not part of the household of the Father…

The Prodigal Returns 8-5

This week’s message features guest speaker, Tyler Ross – the all-American who fell into the pit of addiction, hit rock bottom, and now shares his story to give hope to others.  He turned his mess into a message.

God’s Love (Part 2)

When the prodigal turns back to go to his father he has no right to claim a blessing, no right to expect a welcome, and he has nothing to offer except a life of service in repentance of his previous actions.

If you want to be near the King you must move toward the King!

God’s Love

We need to be thankful that Jesus does receive sinners (tax collectors were lumped in there).  Salvation, is the most difficult for those that do not think they need saving… no grace…