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Knowing Peace

Wholeness, spiritual well-being, lack of worry, freedom from fear, even in the midst of troubling circumstances, can only come as we put into practice the knowledge of God that we have been given. Then you will experience God, then you will know Peace. Do you Trust Him, is your faith in Christ alone?

Grace & Obedience

We tend to distort Jesus’ teaching about being in the Kingdom from “Good News” to bad news—into an impossible call to scale moral peaks that are too high for anyone to climb. Instead, we should read the parables and the gospels as the fact that God has chosen, out of love, to enter into relationship with His Creation, with all of mankind, through what He accomplished on the cross thru His Son Jesus Christ. We know that God gives guidance through His Word about what pleases Him and what does not, and that through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit we can walk in obedience to His known will.  And when we choose to follow that guidance, it is because God graciously enables our obedience as disciples in the Kingdom.

The Grateful & the Dead 11-18

But a grateful person, a mature Christian, realizes that the life they have is a gift from God and any blessings received came from Him. In fact, God’s Word in James tells us that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” The believer says that everything I have – abilities, talents, and the things I possess – is a gift from God. I would not be who I am without Him.

Forgiveness 11-11

Unforgiveness has split churches, destroyed ministries, and drove those that do not know Jesus away. Unforgiveness can cause gossip to take root and bitterness to flower. When that tree bears fruit it is in the form of negativity – wounding, hurtful, and scornful fruit that is evident for all to see.

Do You Understand?

We are to be growing as we go! Disciples who are making disciples! Are you? Can you truly call yourself a growing, maturing Christian? Or have you chosen to stop?

We are to be learning, growing, and reaching further than we ever have before because of our growth! Because we are growing together… Reaching Up and Reaching Out.

Surrendering 10-28

The central point of these two parables is that the Kingdom is of such great value that it is worth giving up everything else to be in the Kingdom! It does not matter that you stumble onto it, like the treasure the man found, or that you are actively seeking it, like the man after the pearl of great value. The point is, it is worth everything to enter into it, to be in the Kingdom, to be a part of what the Lord is doing here in the world.

The Reality of the Kingdom 10-21

If we are to change our communities, if we want to make a difference, then we must grow! I want us to impact our communities for our King and for His Kingdom, to bring glory to God and Jesus to those of the world. But, for that to happen, we have to grow and change

Wheat or Tare? 10-14

As I have followed my calling, I have learned this lesson: Even though we may have fellowship within the same congregation, may labor together out in God’s fields, it may be for different reasons and for different seasons. There are some out there, even amongst the Church, that have their own agenda. They appear to be Christian, but they are not. The enemy has them fooled as much as he does those around them. He uses them to sow discord, to lead others astray, to be false witnesses of what it is to truly live a repentant life. When the time of the Harvest comes, the weeds are going to be gathered to be burnt…

The Word of the Kingdom – Part 2 (9-30)

But each person is tempted when he is lured (carried/drawn) away and enticed by his own desire. – James 1:14

Are the “good” things you are doing keeping you from the “best” things in life?

Other things come before God and His Church, before the lost, hell-bound soul of their neighbor…

Prayer: GI or GQ (9-23)

We often go to prayer with these attitudes: that it has to be perfect, that the prayer must sound good.
When we go to prayer with this attitude we go, metaphorically, like I’m dressed.
We go pretending like we are ready for war yet a part of us finds it necessary to think of what others think of our prayer or it not sounding pretty enough