Staff & Elders

Pastor Luke & Laisa Seidler

Pastor Luke serves as youth pastor for the community youth group.  Laisa runs the children’s programs.  They are a team in everything they do.

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Stephanie Brocious

Stephanie is a mother of 3 and serves as our Administrative Assistant. She also helps with the Ladies Auxiliary for the local fire department. She is an avid baker and also coaches her daughter’s softball team.

Jean Christoff

Jean and her husband Mitch have been long-time attendees of the Church of God.  She leads the women’s group, Servant Heart Ministry.  They provide donations of pillows, care baskets, and more for local nursing homes, dialysis centers, schools, and beyond.

Jim Zimmerman

Jim has been with the congregation since he was in his teens. He started at the original building prior to the new church being built. He has served on the Board of Trustees and currently serves as Chairman on the Board of Elders. Jim also serves as the head of Security for our congregation having been a former law enforcement officer.


Tammy Hancock

Tammy serves as the Treasurer on the Board of Elders.  She is a saint for her dedication and hard work for many years.  Previously, Tammy and her husband Ken poured lots of love and service into the children’s ministry.



Dan Hill

Dan serves on the Board of Elders as Financial Secretary.

Suzanne Schrecengost

Suzanne is blessed with the ability to easily communicate with others. She has been apart of this congregation since the age of 5, taught classes, served on boards and committees and currently serves on the Board as an elder.

Charlie Smith

Charlie serves on our Board of Elders and also serves behind the scenes during service – running the worship slides, sound, and video.