Connected by our Foolishness 6-21

We need to be fools for Christ without the provocation they experienced, we need to be God’s Church, God’s People, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, we need to be Connected, living in Community, building relationships with God and one another; unconcerned for the world’s ways, wisdom, and wants, “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” So lets be connected in our foolishness.

Connected by our Responsibility 6-14

As a Christ follower, a Christian, a Believer, you are made a part of God’s Church and each of us are given responsibilities in His Church. Your responsibility goes way beyond singing a few songs, prayer, placing some money in a box or plate, and holding down that pew for an hour and a half or so when you are here.

Connected by Whose We Are 6-7

Through God’s wisdom we are brought back into the community of God; we are again given all that we need… not because of anything you or I did, but because Of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

Our Building God’s Building 5-31

As believers, the foundation you have is vital both now and for eternity. Believing God, walking in His wisdom, and submitting to the Spirits influence and leading enables you to build on the solid foundation that is Jesus Christ. As you base your life on Him you are building a temple in which the Spirt of God is and will reside.

Connected by the Spirit 5/24

At the moment of sanctification we receive the Holy Spirit. God’s Word tells us that believers are indwelled with the Spirit, that He moves into our hearts, that He enables us to live as believers and Christ followers.

Connected by Determination 5/17

Many times I have experienced and have heard from others, how a lesson or sermon has affected someone in a way that was not planned, seen, or intended. God stirred that person and opened their eyes, through His word. And His purpose was fulfilled through what was preached, taught, or shared from His word.

That is part of the mystery and power seen in the preaching of the Gospel, the message of the cross. So do not ever hesitate to share the Word of God; you may be planting or watering a seed, cultivating or nurturing a young plant, or even bringing it to harvest. God’s Word never goes out empty.

Connected by Calling 5/10

The calling of God is for all who choose to believe and accept or answer the call. The moment you answered the call, accepted the invitation, by believing and repentance you were connected to God and His Church. Jesus brought you into the Kingdom and gives you eternal life while you walk with Him.

Connected: By the Cross 5/3

Where is wisdom found today, where does the world find power and distinction? Spirituality? Is it found in relationship with God and connection with His Church? Do you follow the cultural “wisdom” that bigger is better and more attractive?  Do those who have been “members” longer have more power? Do those who contribute more financially have more influence? Do you value the business-savvy people who have “made it” more than others? Are we living out the foolishness of God’s wisdom that actually look like foolishness to the world?

Connected: The Church 4/26

Have you ever witnessed a rowing competition? Have you ever watched how they all pull together, how they are all connected? Those rowers are all different people, often different ages, but their focus is about getting to the finish line. They are of one mind, pulling together, and connected by their focus. That is how it is to be within the congregations of God’s Church.

Connected: Grace 4-19

Having been given new life we are now enabled by the Spirit to overcome sin. We are told in 2 Peter to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We must be seeking to grow and gain knowledge.

Forgiveness: Guaranteed! 4-21

Today, we not only celebrate the life and death, but the resurrection of Jesus the Christ! Christmas is important, without the birth of our Savior there would be no Easter celebration, but without the Resurrection, we would not celebrate His birth! His birth split time into BC, Before Christ and AD, Anno Domini. But again this would not have happened if Jesus would have been just another good teacher, or religious leader.