Our Building God’s Building 5-31

As believers, the foundation you have is vital both now and for eternity. Believing God, walking in His wisdom, and submitting to the Spirits influence and leading enables you to build on the solid foundation that is Jesus Christ. As you base your life on Him you are building a temple in which the Spirt of God is and will reside.

Connected by Determination 5/17

Many times I have experienced and have heard from others, how a lesson or sermon has affected someone in a way that was not planned, seen, or intended. God stirred that person and opened their eyes, through His word. And His purpose was fulfilled through what was preached, taught, or shared from His word.

That is part of the mystery and power seen in the preaching of the Gospel, the message of the cross. So do not ever hesitate to share the Word of God; you may be planting or watering a seed, cultivating or nurturing a young plant, or even bringing it to harvest. God’s Word never goes out empty.

Connected: By the Cross 5/3

Where is wisdom found today, where does the world find power and distinction? Spirituality? Is it found in relationship with God and connection with His Church? Do you follow the cultural “wisdom” that bigger is better and more attractive?  Do those who have been “members” longer have more power? Do those who contribute more financially have more influence? Do you value the business-savvy people who have “made it” more than others? Are we living out the foolishness of God’s wisdom that actually look like foolishness to the world?

The Cost & The Cross (Fair Vesper Service)

Outside of Christ and the cross there is no hope of escaping hell, the punishment for sin. In the cross we see redemption, reconciliation, and the forgiveness of sin!

The Good news, the Gospel that we are to share, is that the debt of sin has been paid for in full, on the bloody cross of Christ, the sinless for the sinful, and that it is available to any and all who choose to believe!