Same Gospel, Different Responsibilities 2-3

You can lose the focus of your calling and become disconnected from the church when you are not seeking to grow spiritually, when the concerns of this world and busyness of life are a priority over Christ and His Gospel. We need to have Paul’s tenacity and devotion to the Father’s will! There is great joy in not only beginning well in our Christian faith, but also to end faithfully! It is God’s desire that each of us could say at the end of our lives, “I was not disobedient.”

The Gospel 1-27

There are many, just like there were in the congregations in Galatia, that are in the process of deserting Him who called them in grace. They may not be turning to a different gospel, but, they are turning away. Today, we have many gospels: the perverted prosperity gospel, the name it and claim it gospel, the I-had-a-moment-of-belief gospel and, my favorite, I-don’t-have-to-attend-a-service-or-be-active-as-a-Christian gospel.