Hypocrisy, Legalism, and Love 2-10

When you try to make yourself look good by following something other than Christ, whether it is tradition or some other set of standards, then you easily set yourself apart, or above, other believers. When you separate yourself to exclude those who don’t measure up, when you consider yourself better than other believers, you are just plain wrong!

Love 12-23

How often do we place God in the friend zone?  We put him in His corner for ourselves to go to when needed but never allow Him to be a part of all our thoughts and actions.
The greatest commandment calls us to do just that: heart, soul, and mind… that sounds like we are to allow God to flood our lives. This is love: when two become one.

The Prodigal Returns 8-5

This week’s message features guest speaker, Tyler Ross – the all-American who fell into the pit of addiction, hit rock bottom, and now shares his story to give hope to others.  He turned his mess into a message.

God’s Love (Part 2)

When the prodigal turns back to go to his father he has no right to claim a blessing, no right to expect a welcome, and he has nothing to offer except a life of service in repentance of his previous actions.

If you want to be near the King you must move toward the King!

Love, Forgiveness, and Justice (2-18)

Jesus prayed that we would be one! That we here would be one and that we would be one with the rest of His church. That means that you and I have to become part of the Gospel story. Jesus suffered horrendously before and during the Crucifixion for you. We can no longer afford to sit by and do nothing. You can’t make the excuse, “Let somebody else do it.” That it’s someone else’s thing. You are the one called to Go! Take the Next Step!

The Love of Jesus (12/10)

Here we see the humanity of Jesus displayed clearly just as we saw him being God in the miracles and love he has shown throughout the gospels. This prayer here in the garden shows us that while he is fully God, He is also like us since He is fully man.