Walking 1-6

It is this Jesus that hung on a cross for you, who died for you, who rose on the third day for you, that is calling you to walk with Him in repentance and obedience. I don’t know what your next step is, but I do know this: You have one. God will never be finished taking you deeper in faith. There is always a next step. If you have not agreed to walk with God, then where are you headed?

Choice, Concern, Compassion (6-10)

Sin and Hell are not something that is forced on us against our will. Jesus tells us in John 3 that Men love darkness rather than light. People love their sin, pride, and independence from God! Therefore, all human beings are on their way to “eternal destruction.”

Without Christ, people are separated from God

Wholehearted? (6-3)

Because you are going to get bumped in this World, the enemy of our souls is going to do all that he can to take your focus off of Christ and put it on something else. He is out to kill, steal, and destroy your life in Christ. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. We tend to prioritize what we treasure what we treasure becomes our focus. The enemy of our souls wants you to turn your heart to something else… because if you wholeheartedly  love God there is no room for him!