Ready Church! 11-17

In Experiencing God Day by Day we are told that “Biblically, waiting on the Lord is never passive; it is always active. Waiting requires us to cease form our own pursuits and give God our complete attention.” We are to be doing what our lord and master commands us to do. We are to be ready for His return (See Luke 12:36-48)!  How can you be ready if you are not His, not walking in faith, not obedient to what you know to do? Listen, I am trying my best to warn and equip you; Jesus is coming back!

The Grateful & the Dead 11-18

But a grateful person, a mature Christian, realizes that the life they have is a gift from God and any blessings received came from Him. In fact, God’s Word in James tells us that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” The believer says that everything I have – abilities, talents, and the things I possess – is a gift from God. I would not be who I am without Him.